ANAWANGIN COVE & NAGSASA COVE: budget plan travel guide

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The beaches of San Antonio, Zambales, are a perfect proof of many cliches we’ve heard before — the rainbow after the storm, the light at the end of the tunnel, the Phoenix reborn as well as rising from the ashes. saying however true.

Who would have believed that the lovely Anawangin as well as Nagsasa Coves were made by a catastrophe a couple of decades ago? They state that these beaches utilized to be rocky however Mt. Pinatubo dumped a great amount of volcanic ash that the location was absolutely unrecognizable. Years later, agoho trees started to grow, producing an evergreen forest of what seems like pine trees.

It’s like Baguio as well as Boracay in one place. This dark yet inspiring history makes Anawangin as well as Nagsasa very, extremely special. It is a reminder to everybody of the sheer beauty — as well as immeasurable power — of nature.

Nagsasa Cove
View from a hill in Anawangin!

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How to get to Anawangin or Nagsasa
Boat Rental as well as tour Rates
Where to stay in San Antonio, Zambales
Preparing for a camping Trip
Orte zum Besuchen
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How to get to Anawangin or Nagsasa

Barangay Pundaquit is the jumpoff point to the ashen beaches of San Antonio.

From Manila, catch a success liner bus bound to Iba, Zambales, as well as get off at San Antonio Public Market (P250).  Alternatively, you may likewise travel by bus to Olongapo City, as well as then board one more bus to San Antonio.

Take a tricycle to Pundaquit (P60 per 2 pax, or P30 per pax).

In Pundaquit, lease a boat to Anawangin or Nagsasa Cove.

Anawangin Cove
Trekking is likewise a great option. Anawangin Cove can be reached after a 4-5-hour hike over Mt. Pundaquit (Jump-off point: Pundaquit), while Nagsasa after a 5-6-trek over Mt. Nagsasa from Sitio San Martin, Subic.

Boat Rental as well as tour Rates

Here are the rates of round trip boat rentals as well as day tours (as of February 2014):

Anawangin Cove only: P1000

Anawangin Cove + Capones Island + Camara Island: P1500

Nagsasa Cove only: P1500

Nagsasa Cove + Capones + Camara Island: P2000

Silanguin Cove + Capones + Camara Island: P2500

Note that the figures above are per boat, which means it will still be split by exactly how many you are in the group. A boat can ferry as much as 4 passengers.

Many tour operators likewise offer bundles that already include transfers, food at camp, tents, entrance fees, as well as boat rental.

Where to stay in San Antonio, Zambales

Check hotel rates Here
Camping is the name of the game in Anawangin, Nagsasa, as well as Silanguin Coves. Unless you’re on a packaged tour, you must bring your own tent.

Overnight camping fee: P100.

Entrance charge (if not staying overnight): P50

If you’re not truly the camping type, you may want to think about inspecting in at a resort or inn in Pundaquit proper.

Preparing for a camping Trip

If you choose to stay overnight at the beach, right here are some tips you may want to consider:

Anawangin Camp Area

Tents. Frage deine Freunde. one of them may just own a camping tent that you can borrow. A medium-sized camping tent can fit as much as four people. however if you’re the type that protects your personal area so much, you can likewise limit it to only 3. It is not advisable to lease tents. If you planning on renting a camping tent for P500 per night, ditch it as well as just buy one. There are tents offered at diy shops as well as sports homes for as low as P800. finest part is you get to keep the camping tent as well as you won’t have to concern about discovering one next time.

Essen. Bring food products that are simple to prepare. Although there are stores on the beach, expect them to be pricier. Cupped noodles, bread as well as canned products are great choices. You can try to bring cooked food however make sure they do not spoil quickly as you don’t want your buzzkill stomach to ruin the fun. You can likewise buy fresh components from San Antonio Public Market before the tour as well as just cook them after. In Nagsasa Cove, paluto services are available.

Wasser. In secluded beaches, water is gold.

Can/bottle opener as well as knife. You will requirement these to open stuff. opening things with your teeth is impressive but…

Seil. You may requirement this to produce an improvised clothesline so your wet clothes will dry easily.

Taschenlampe. No electricity, baby.

Mückenschutz. prevent mosquito bites as well as all the illness that may include them.

Sunblock. protect your skin from the sun, of course.

Kamera. Anawangin offers not just a great location to swim however remarkable scenery that you will want to capture.

Also, don’t try to bring as well many clothes. If you’re staying for only a night, bring just enoPfui. Erinnern Sie sich nicht an die Toilettenartikel.

Orte zum Besuchen

Hier sind einige Standorte, die Sie vielleicht inspizieren möchten:

Anawangin Cove

Nagsasa Cove

Silanguin Cove

Talisayin Cove

Kapones sowie Camara -Inseln

Casa San Miguel

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Mehr Tipps

Hier sind noch ein paar Tipps, um Ihre Zeit in San Antonio angenehmer zu gestalten.

Zum Markt gehen! Der öffentliche Markt in San Antonio bietet Fleisch, Meeresfrüchte sowie andere Komponenten zu extrem budgetfreundlichen Preisen. Wenn Sie über Nacht in einem der abgelegenen Strände campen, ist dies der beste Ort, um rohe oder frische Komponenten am Strand zu gegrillt oder gekocht zu werden. Sie haben ebenfalls Pinoy Kakanin wie Kutsinta, Puto, Nilupak sowie Sapin-Sapin.

Einen Sternführer haben. Wenn Sie ein Smartphone haben, laden Sie eine Stargazing -App wie Google Sky Map für Android sowie Goskywatch für Apple herunter. Eingeschränkter oder nicht existierender Strom an den Stränden machen sie geeignete Orte, um die Sterne zu beobachten!


Wenn Sie mit Ihren Freunden eine Übernachtung in der Anawangin Cove planen, finden Sie hier einige Zahlen (außer Bootsmieten), die Sie möglicherweise zur Kenntnis nehmen möchten. Dies sind keine genauen Mengen. Ich rundete sie ab.

P251 – Busfahrpreis nach San Antonio, Zambales
P30 – Dreiradkarten (P60, wenn Sie Solo sind)
P100 – Übernachtungsgebühr (ein guter Freund hat mir gesagt, dass es jetzt P150 ist, aber mir wurde nur P100 angeklagt, als ich dort war, als ich dort war)
P50 – Eingang (wenn Sie nicht über Nacht bleiben)

Scrollen Sie nach den Bootsraten nach oben

Grundsätzlich ist das. Um Geld zu sparen, bringen Sie Ihr eigenes Essen mit oder kaufen Sie vom San Antonio Public Market. Wenn Sie vorhaben, ein Zelt zu vermieten, können Sie sich nicht daran erinnern. Leihen Sie sich einfach von einem guten Freund aus oder kaufen Sie einen.

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